Apparently, the pom pom trend started in 2015 with that big ole’ fluffy keychain, but now it’s everywhere. Now, if you’re like me then you are not quite sold on the trend yet. Some people rock it like there is no tomorrow, but do I really want to look like I rolled myself in craft supplies?

These items I found are a baby step into the look of the season without having to break the bank to look fabulous.

Although there are two whole strings of pom pom tassels, I actually really like these shorts! They are perfect for the warmer months with their bright detailing. Plus, who could hate an elastic waistband?

I have seen the pom pom sandals in every color and style all over my Instagram feed. Your feet look lovely, but you paid HOW MUCH?! These simple and stylish sandals will cost you less than $30 and the right to show off your trendy look.

You already have pom poms in your closet, now we need to add some to your accessories! Throwing on some bracelets is just about the easiest way to incorporate the season’s trend into your look. With a set like this, you could wear them all at once or mix and match the bracelets!

No need to have your BFF double-check your OOTD before leaving your house with this one. Chokers are a classic item and now you can add some playful pom pom chokers to complete your collection.