2016 is so close to being over! We decided to gather some really easy outfit ideas for New Year’s Eve!

Let’s start off with the makeup! New Year’s Eve is one of the only nights you can get away with wearing a crazy amount of glitter and not get called out on it, so I suggest you take advantage of the opportunity!

Start by using chunky glitter as your highlight instead of the normal, fine powdered highlight that’s used for an everyday look!

This will definitely add some fun to our look!

Check out our New Year’s Eve hair post on how to achieve the ultimate glitter hairstyles!


For a sportier vibe, we paired this neoprene solid dress, with a wedge bootie, and the cutest sparkly bomber jacket I’ve ever seen that pairs nicely with our lovely model’s glitter braid!

This outfit is for those who want to sparkle, but definitely stay comfortable! Throw on the sparkliest sweater/top you have over a pair of black jeans and a pair of black booties, and you’ll be totally ready for that ball to drop!

This outfit is for those who maybe want to dress up a little more! Here we put this cowl-neck, fringed sweater over a fringed skirt, that both have a slight sparkle to them. We added a pair of white heels to top it all off, and here we have this stunning look!

We hope you Crowned Beauties enjoy your New Year’s Eve! Praying for safe travels and fun nights for everyone! Let’s not forget to thank our Savior for the years we’ve already gotten and for those yet to come! May your 2017 blessings be abundant and may you do the work the Lord has called you to do!

If you decide to try out any of these outfits let us know! We’d love to see what you wore for New Year’s Eve! Tag us @cwlblog and use #cwlstyle!

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