By the end of this month, I’ll be setting sail with my family for my first ever cruise and I couldn’t be more excited!

I asked a few weeks ago what sort of posts you guys would like to see and a lot of you asked to see what I’m packing for the trip! I figured since we’ll be traveling around the Caribbean, (and for the fact that we’ll be surrounded by water for days on end) that I would start by showing you all what swimwear I’ll be bringing along for the ride!

The first one on my list is this army green colored one-piece. I love this swimsuit because it’s very simple in the front, but the back is really strappy (See picture at the top of this post). One-piece swimsuits are awesome because they can also double as a bodysuit for the day!

One-piece (similar)

Apparently I have a thing for green swimwear this year….

Next on my list is this high waisted swimsuit. I love the color and the fact that the top has a lot of coverage for a stylish but still modest swimsuit.

Bottoms (similar) // Top (similar)

Last but certainly not least is this black one-piece. Again, I really lean towards swimwear that’s very simple with a little bit of a flair. This swimsuit, for instance, is plain black but it has a ruffle that goes all the way around the neckline/sleeves and all the way around the back. The back is also cut a little lower so as to not make it look like a clown swimsuit. This swimsuit could also double as a bodysuit like the green one above!