There is one week until the first day of summer so it’s time to talk sunglasses. As we know, your face shape determines which style will compliment you the most! We’ll help you figure out what your face shape is and show you which stylish sunnies we suggest!

Before we get to the fun part, you’ll have to figure out your face shape. To do this, you’ll need a mirror and some lipstick.

Start off by pinning all of your hair away from your face. Next, stand in front of the mirror and use the lipstick to trace the outline of your face. Start from your chin and carefully work your way up and around your face until you reach your chin again. Make sure that you do not include your ears! Then, step back and take a look at the shape you drew.

Here are four possible face shapes:

Round: If your outline closely resembles a circle, with wide cheekbones and a tapering jaw and forehead, you might have a round face.

Square: Your outline should not be tall but should be wide at all points, with a broad forehead, strong cheekbones, and an angular jaw.

Oval: The forehead should be slightly broad, with narrower cheekbones and a tapering jawline.

Heart-Shaped: These faces are characterized by a broad forehead, strong cheekbones, and a small chin.

When you are finished, just clean the lipstick off the mirror!


If you have more of a round face, you’re in the same boat as Selena Gomez who is known for her strong sunglass game! Sunnies with geometric shapes will offset your soft features and add some edge to any look you wear! Try a pair of rectangular sunnies to elongate your face or a pair of cat eyes to sharpen your features.

Here are a few examples:

Styles that work: Rectangular & sharp cat eyes


If you have more of an oval shape, you’re in luck! Along with Blake Lively, you can wear almost any shape you want. Try round shapes for a softer, feminine look or edgier shapes to sharpen your look.

Here are a few examples:

Styles that work: Circular, rectangular, oversized, round


Opposite of those with round faces, if your face is more square-like, you should offset your sharper features with curvier shapes. Olivia Wilde knows what works while wearing her oversized, rounded aviators to offset her features.

Styles that work: Aviators, butterfly, cat eyes


If you have a broad brow and a slimmer chin, similar to Reese Witherspoon, try a style with bottom-heavy frames. Sunnies that are parallel and extend beyond the width of your face are a great balance against your strong jawline. Aviators are another great option because their shape contrasts with your heart-shaped face.

Styles that work: Exaggerated bottoms, aviators, rectangular

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