I’ve been seeing bandanas all over my Pinterest feed. Now, for me, bandanas bring back a lot of memories from my days as a Girl Scout and bonfire safety. The way I wear bandanas today is a lot different than how I would wear them in my middle school years. Bandanas are an easy way to add some of that “cool girl chic” vibe into an everyday look. Here are a few ways I styled it.

My favorite outfit to wear bandanas with is:

  • A button-down chambray top
  • Black skinny jeans
  • and Chelsea boots,

but this item is so easy to incorporate into everyday looks that you don’t need to be “tied down” to one specific outfit.

I stuck with an easy, very versatile navy color that can be worn with almost any outfit.

Tucked In:

Fold your bandana in half and tie it around your neck. Now, tuck it in rather than let it hang out. This is a way of adding additional color to your look without drawing too much attention.

As a Headband:

Whether your hair is up or down, wearing a bandana as a headband is a great look for summer! Roll up the bandana and tie it at the top of your head. Then, turn the knot to the side of your head for a more playful look.

As a Scarf:

Getting tired of wearing the bandana on your head? Keep it around your neck to add some feminine flair to your outfit. 

Around Your Wrist:

Rather than rocking a statement cuff, try something more unexpected. Tie a bandana around your wrist for a more casual statement.

And if all else fails, just have fun!

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