Today is St. Patrick’s Day and it’s all about the green! We are celebrating by showing you how to make some cute DIYs and yummy treats!

Our first DIY is a shamrock chalkboard sign!

Here is what you’ll need:

  • a hanging sign of your choice! (We found this one at our local craft store for around $5.00)
  • A clover shape (Used for tracing)
  • Paint in your color choice (We used white, green, and gold)
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Paint brushes

Step 1: Remove the wire (the one your sign hangs on) from your sign.

Step 2: Trace your clover onto your sign. And begin to paint around your clover. We chose to do stripes as our background pattern!

Step 3: Paint the clover with chalkboard paint.

Step 4: Put the wire back on your masterpiece and voila!

Your chalkboard masterpiece is finished!! Enjoy!

Our next DIY is a cute tote that is not only literally painted green for St. Patricks Day, but it also promotes going green! The good thing about this tote is that is easily customizable and it’s something you could make your own!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A canvas tote bag
  • Fabric paint
  • Foam Paintbrush

Step 1: Choose a design you’d like to put on your tote bag. We chose to do a recycle sign to “keep it green.” We printed out or design and used an X-Acto knife to make a stencil of our design.

Step 2: Place your stencil on your tote.

Step 3: Using your foam paintbrush dab the paint onto the fabric lightly. Don’t use too much paint though. Then, wait for the paint to dry and check to see if a second coat is necessary.  Allow the paint to dry completely.

Step 4: Peel off your stencil and your tote is finished!


Time for our yummy treats!

Lucky Charms Donuts

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Glazed Donuts
  • “Cereal Glaze”
  • Green food coloring (optional)
  • Lucky Charms

Step 1: Make your “cereal” glaze

Step 2: Drizzle your glaze onto your donut

Step 3: Sprinkle Lucky Charms on your donut.


Sparkling Rainbow Ice Drink

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Airheads X-Tremes
  • Ice Cube Tray
  • Sparkling White Grape Juice

Just add your Airheads into your ice tray and freeze them. Once they are done, put them in your Sparkling White Grape Juice. Add some cute paper straws and you’re all done!


Now put them all together and have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

If you decide to recreate any of these DIYs or yummy treats post a picture and tag us @cwlblog and use #cwldiy