Woohoo! Get ready to relax because spring break is finally here, and we wanted to share our team’s top essentials for this week of recuperation.

  • Sunscreen 

I know we’re all hoping for to obtain a dark, Brazilian tan, but sunscreen is an important part of a healthy skin routine. With the extra exposure to the sun, you’re going to need some to avoid burns, sun spots, aging, or dry skin. Our favorites are:

Neutrogena® ‘s “baby face”sunscreen to be gentle on your skin up also keep your face moisturized

Alba Botanica™ ‘s Hawaiian Sunscreen to easily get full coverage of your body, plus this product is made with 100% vegetarian ingredients and no animal testing!

QuickTip: After SPF30, there is no added benefit of getting an SPF higher than that. Just remember to reapply

  • Hats

Whether it’s a floppy hat, baseball cap, or one of those hats with a propeller attached, it’s never a bad idea to bring one with you. Not only can hats spark up an outfit, for me it’s perfect for those “Too tired to wash my hair” days. Below are some hats our CrownedCrew deemed SB worthy.

Watermelon Baseball cap

-Floppy Beach 

  • Bathing Suit

A MUST-have item for any spring break, you can make a lot of cute insta-worthy outfits featuring your newest bathing suit. And don’t forget to throw it in a cute tote if you’re hitting the mall or just getting some coffee with friends. Countless times I’ve been in situations where we wanted to spontaneously hit the beach or pool and I had forgotten my suit. It’s best avoided.

  • Snacks

Food makes almost every situation better, so here are a few of my favorites.

-That’s It bars

I adore these. As a busy college student, it’s often hard for me to remember my daily fruit intake, and it’s even harder to fit bananas in laptop bags. So when I’m having a really busy day, I keep some of these with me. Delicious and Guiltless! S/O to my mom for not letting me run out. 

-You Love Fruit leather

I have no words for these except that you should go out and buy as many as you can because they’re amazing.

-Key Lime Cookies 

These are definitely more of an acquired taste, but sometimes you just need a little sweet n’ zesty to perk you up.

  • Blanket 

10/10 recommend a blanket. To sit on the beach or an impromptu nap, the options are endless.

-Happy Beach Blanket

  • Camera 

As the photographer of the group, I’m totally biased with this one. There have been many times I’ve regretted leaving my camera at home, but I truly can’t remember a time I regretted having it. Digital, film, instant, just grab one and go.

-Underwater Digital

These aren’t meant for stunning or lasting quality, but they are so much fun!


You can get a film camera off eBay for cheap within just a few days, but if you want one immediately, make a fun day of checking out thirst stores. And you can always pick up some color/BW 35mm film at CVS.


Target/Walmart sells fuji-instant film, but if you’re looking for some of the other instant film cameras you may need to call stores ahead to see if they sell them.

  • Portable Charger 

When adventuring you never know where the roads will take you, but batteries die. Don’t let that happen.


Hope this helped or inspired you a bit! And we really hope you have a great spring break. Stay safe, sun protected, and full of sea-salt.