I’m numb. From head to toe. The past few days have felt like a recurring nightmare, and I can’t shake the thought of not having you in my life. Meagan, my dear sister, I miss you more than words can ever describe.

This past weekend I lost one of my most treasured friends to a car accident.

I have cried until the muscles in my face were sore. My eyes are still swollen from the news. You were so special, not only to me but everyone you met.

With a heart larger than life, there isn’t a person you haven’t touched.

As I sit here and reflect on your life and our friendship, I think back to times of dancing in my kitchen at 12 a.m., cheerleading practice, and competitions, homecoming dances, years of girl scouts, and laughs that will last a lifetime.

Throughout my mourning, I can’t help but find peace in knowing that you loved the Lord. I can see it now, you, dancing and joyously worshipping amongst the angels.

Yes, of course, the pain will never fade, the thoughts of never being able to discuss life with you in person will never leave me, but I know that my God is bigger than the pain I am feeling. He is bigger than the darkness that lingers now that your light has been put out. I am resting in the Truth; I can feel it, you are shining brighter than ever now, part of the Lord’s army you’ll forever be there when I need you most.

I love you, Meagan, I miss you, but this is not goodbye, just, see you when I get home.

-October 9th, 2017

A recent topic that has been brought up to me is resting in the Lord.

Resting in the Lord’s presence.

What is rest? Rest is trust. Rest means leaving all your worries behind and allowing yourself to be fully invested in your relationship with Jesus. Rest is peace.

Jesus is the ONLY one that can bring our souls to rest. If your soul is burdened, exhausted, and heavy set it at the foot of the Lord.

He came to give you rest!

Matthew 11:28

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

To be still in His presence and be confident in Him and His power are what He truly wants us to be.

He wants us to let go of all of our burdens and allow Him to take them on.

“People can get so caught up in their lives being busy busy busy and tend to view taking a day off, of not doing anything, as laziness, when in fact the Lord calls us to rest. Biblically, the Lord calls us to a Sabbath day. He draws out a guideline for us to have an entire day of rest. But what does this rest do for us? It gives us time to renew and refresh and draw near to His Kingdom.

Spend time in his word with no place to be and in no rush. Really seek his presence in your life. In the Psalms we see the Bible use the word Selah… the word Selah means to pause. Throughout the Psalms, David takes a pause and THEN continues. There is often some kind of shift, change, and refocus after the pause.

Psalm 46:1

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

For example reading through Psalm 46, we read David’s word saying “God is our refuge” then a pause. After David’s pause and moment of reflections, he describes God and things he’s done. That’s an example of the importance of rest. When we rest in God’s presence he reveals to us His character and who He is. That kind of intimacy with God, to rest in His embrace, will draw you nearer to Him.”


So, Crowned Beauty, this week, I challenge all of us to take the time to rest in the Lord’s presence. Really seek Him out in a time of tranquility; meditate on the Word and talk with Him in prayer. Cast all your worry and burdens on the Lord, for His grace is sufficient.

This post was written in memory of

Meagan Marie Morla (September 19th, 1997 – October 6th, 2017)