I feel like patience is something we all struggle within a world of updates, on-going scrolling, and immediate results at our fingertips.

If something on the internet is taking forever to load, I am always hitting the refresh button and when it doesn’t work after 5 minutes, I’ve lost my patience and I’m done with it!


What’s even worse is when I’m sitting at a red light that’s taking forever and nobody is coming! It’s so tempting to just run the red light and deal with the consequences later, right?

We tend to feel this way in our spiritual lives as well, this lack of patience can lead to idolatry.

Well, here is some truth for you! God likes to chill!

What did He do on the 7th day in Genesis 2:2?

That’s right! He relaxed and took the day off!

Maybe this was the day that Adam and Eve messed up and ate the fruit. It was probably the perfect day for Satan to slither in and mess with them. When we get bored, we think that almost anything can go, right? Well, when we replace God, that is…

Exodus 32 shows that when the people saw that Moses was delayed coming down the mountain, they panicked and started searching for someone/something to replace God. They ended up having a statue of a baby cow made for them to worship, instead of worshipping the God who delivered them from the hands of the Egyptians.

We seem to do this in our own lives, we do it with our jobs, friends, Instagram accounts, and Snapchat stories; we end up replacing God and putting these trivial things above Him.

What is ridiculous, is that their impatience was misguided because God was working in their lives the entire time! It may not have been in their timing, but it was in God’s. He was with Moses writing a law for them that would establish them as His people on Earth!

So remember: just because you aren’t having an emotional experience, doesn’t mean God isn’t doing something for us.

Don’t ditch Him! Don’t turn away emotionally!

He IS doing something for you and He IS at work in your life! Just be patient!

For me, I am always looking to feel like something deep and great is happening in my life. I know I get bored when I don’t feel like God is giving me something epic, and I look towards people or things to give me comfort and purpose.

Know that this is idolatry and it stems from impatience and we can all fall into it!

We must keep God first! No matter how “slow” we feel He’s moving!