Guest Blogger: Kendra Martin

Hey, everyone! My name is Kendra Martin and I am a missionary! It honestly makes me so happy to say that sentence because that is exactly what I have dreamed of being since I was a little girl.

When I was younger, I had to read a series of missionary biographies for my homeschool classes. Once I started reading those books, I couldn’t get enough! I knew that God was calling me to serve Him on missions at the young age of eight. At my church’s AWANA program we had a local missionary come and speak a couple times, which motivated me even more. I knew I had to serve on missions, I just didn’t know how. I researched different organizations and kid/teen mission trips. I wanted to go on a mission trip so badly that it physically hurt. I begged my parents to let me go on one, but when they saw how expensive they were and how far away their young daughter would be, they said no… for now.

This brings us to five years ago when the newly-appointed pastor of my church announced that he would like to build a mission team for a trip to Nicaragua. My mom pretty much knew that there was no way of stopping me from going on this trip to Nicaragua. She agreed to let me go as long s my dad went with me.

After months of fund-raising, planning, packing, and praying; I finally made it. I was on a mission trip in Leon, Nicaragua under the organization Twelve Churches.

With all the years of longing and excitement, you would think I would be prepared for what was in store – I was not. God taught me how to truly love and be loved through His Son’s name. Through[out] the prayer walks, days of Vacation Bible School, and fellowship with His people in Nicaragua, I learned that we truly serve an omnibenevolent God. Just because we may have more physical (earthly) possessions or blessing, does not mean that He loves us more than He loves the people in poverty. Throughout all of their struggles, these people show nothing but great love and even greater faith.

I expected to go on a mission trip to share Jesus with others, but instead, Jesus was shared with me.

I absolutely love missions and I know that this is what I am meant to be doing. As of now, I am only serving on one-week mission trips once a year, but I would like to do more long-term missions in the future. My absolute goal is to form and lead a medical mission team after I graduate from college.

Every year, God has called me to go back to Nicaragua and bring glory to Him. I have found that each year brings a new lesson for me. One hand-crafted and [a] specially made piece of His wisdom for me to try and absorb.I will be returning to Nicaragua this month for my fifth trip! I simply could not be more excited. It will be wonderful to see all of the children’s beautiful faces after a year of missing them. God will soon show what His will is for this trip.

My friends, I leave you with this piece of advice:

be willing to open your eyes and heart to God.

You never know what awesome adventure He has planned for you!