Guest Blogger: Hannah Schrepfer

Today matters. The “yes” you say to God today matters. The one matters. My mission trip to LA this April 2021 helped me understand that.

God is severely intentional: the more I look for him, the more I find him. My team’s focus for the trip was to give prophetic words and encouragement to church staff, and sometimes we would do beach evangelism. However, through some miscommunication, we had to shift our schedule frequently, leaving us with lots of waiting gaps.

God, through the years, has taught me his voice and prompts me to go talk to people and share with them what he thinks/says about them (prophetic words/encouragement/healing/etc). So during the times of sitting or finishing meals, I’d be talking with my friends, but someone over their shoulder would be “highlighted” (I just could not stop paying attention to them). Or a barista would take my coffee order and I would hear a phrase from Holy Spirit whispered in my thoughts.

I’ll share the story about the barista. While I was ordering my coffee, I felt as if she needed to hear the words “Jesus loves you”, but there were people behind me and I wanted to honor everyone’s time, so I decided to go to the bathroom first and then come back to retrieve my coffee and tell her. While washing my hands in the bathroom, I heard the words “music producer”. Just a small whisper, I could’ve easily brushed it off as random thoughts, but I knew this is how God sometimes gave me words. The worst that could happen is I’m wrong, she says no, and I say “okay, I got it wrong, my bad. Thanks for the coffee, I appreciate you!”

I exit the bathroom, notice no one is by the counter anymore and approach her, 

“Hey, my name’s Hannah. What’s your name?” She tells me her first name slightly unsure of where this is going.

 “This might sound a little crazy, but I believe in Jesus and sometimes he shares encouragement and who people are with me. I felt like I heard “music producer” over you, are you into music or produce music at all?”

“Actually yeah, I’m on Spotify with my music.”

This allowed me to have a connection and ask her about her music. I was able to ask if she wanted prayer and tell her Jesus adored her and knows her. She declined prayer as she didn’t feel comfortable with it, but I have had friends and family members that have said the same thing before they accepted Jesus and now they BURN with this love for Him and to see people encounter his love in the same way. 

Never overlook the one. 

Never underestimate the power of a seed planted.

A separate time a girl on the trip with me, Yesenia, and I browsed around vendor tents at Huntington Beach. We came to this really trendy one that contained cool jewelry, sweatshirts, tees, and jean jackets. (One of the pictures is the business tagging me on Instagram and sharing a video of Yesenia and me, so if you’re interested and want to support a small Christian business, the business Instagram is @redwall_vintage). I noticed on the back of the jean jackets had the writing “Yahweh saves” in a really cool graffiti type font (which I love, like honestly such a vibe). As I was looking at the jewelry, one of the vendors started talking to me, and I forget how but we landed on the topic of Jesus. He prayed over Yesenia and me and then, once he was done, I knew I wanted to pray over him. I didn’t have a word or anything, I just felt the Father’s approval and how proud he was in this man’s life and choices. As we prayed, Yesenia and I both got words for him and we just prayed them over him. After the prayer, he shared how accurate they were and how they even answered some of the questions he was asking the Lord that week even. 

The Lord sees the one.

The Lord cares about the one.

The Lord will leave the ninety-nine for him or her.

The main takeaway from this trip was saying “yes” to God is so worth it because it impacts more than just me (even when I’m nervous or scared to do so, it’s worth it for the other person), “Obedience is greater than sacrifice” 1 Samuel 15:22. If we can’t help the one then there’s no point in gaining influence or having a platform, start with the one. Never outgrow that. Mission trips aren’t a two-week-long schedule we receive and “do” from the ministry leaders, it’s a lifestyle that you live out 24/7 and cultivate with Holy Spirit.