Wether you’re hosting a party or attending, we’ve got some last-minute Christmas ideas for you!


Here we made a cute little Christmas tree wall hanging with some battery-operated lights! This is a great way to display your Christmas cards and fun polaroid photos!

Start by making a tree shape on the wall with your string lights and tape up the corners of each “branch.”

We made a cross shape with tape to ensure the battery pack would stay on the wall.

Go ahead and top your tree with whatever you please! We decided to go for a traditional gold star made from yellow construction paper and some gold glitter!

Now, It’s time to hang your photos, cards, Christmas prints, etc.! We found these mini red and green glittered clothespins in the dollar section of our local Target!


It’s only right to bring our host/hostess a cute little gift for opening their home on such a fun holiday.

We decided to make simple, yet useful, hot chocolate ornaments, toppings and all!

Start with a few clear ornaments. Make sure to wash and dry them before use!

You’ll need hot chocolate (of course), and fun toppings, here we used some peppermint bark, sprinkles, and marshmallows (not pictured).

To make getting the hot chocolate mix into the clear ornament a bit easier, we used s funnel!

Just scoop as much as the serving on your mix says!

After you have the hot chocolate layer in the ornament, it’s time for the yummy toppings!

Layer to your heart’s desire!

Make sure to leave room for the marshmallows! (They’re my favorite part of hot chocolate!)

Feel free to hang these delicious ornaments on your tree until you’re ready to head to your party!

We guarantee that your host/hostess will love them!

I hope you enjoyed these last-minute Christmas ideas! Let us know if you try them out! Tag us @cwlblog with #cwldiy!