This past week the Crowned Crew had the opportunity to get the inside scoop on all things Sangary Brothers.

Here is the full interview:

Kristina: “What is your music background.”

Simon: “We originally started at church, at about 5 years old, we used to sing at our Spanish church. Our mom would teach us these songs, it was us and our sister, we didn’t really understand at the time, but we had fun. That was basically our start, and then as we grew older, around 8 years old, we started learning how to play the piano; we loved that. By the time we were 11, in middle school, we started playing guitar because of this movie called August Rush, which, if you haven’t seen it I recommend you watch it because it’s amazing! From there, we just started playing guitar and our dad actually taught us how to play. We became inspired and started to get creative.”

Samuel: “True story!”

Kristina: “Very nice! Who are some of your musical influences?”

Samuel: “Musical influences, I would say, Switchfoot. John Foreman is a really great writer. Relient K, we used to listen to them all the time also. John Mayer, he’s got some smooth stuff. Our music is sort of mellow so that was an influence.”

Simon: “NeedtoBreathe, Parachute. The Beatles! We love the Beatles!”

Kristina: “Classic. How would you name your sound?”

Simon: “I would say alternative rock and also singer/songwriter. We do a lot of acoustic stuff; that’s how we originally started, with just us. Now we’re a little more into incorporating bigger drums and electric guitars. Definitely alternative rock.”

Kristina: “How would you define the word ‘success’?”

Simon: “I think reaching a point where you’ve made a difference, or where you’re happy because success is different to everyone. There’s no real set, ‘this is how to be successful,’ that’s up to you. I guess for us, success would be being able to make music and continue to do this for the rest of our lives.”

Samuel: “Also knowing that we’re doing God’s Will. We really feel like us, striving towards this goal, to give Him glory, we’re really pursuing that. That’s what success is for us, being able to impact a lot of people.”

Kristina: “That’s awesome. So, what are you working on now? You guys have something in the works, why don’t you tell us about it?”

Simon: “We’re currently working on writing our new album, but we’re going to be releasing a single, hopefully, within the next month. It’s a really fun, cool song.”

Samuel: “Compared to our previous stuff, this [new album] is more upbeat. We want to make a summer album.”

Simon: “We love the summer so we wanted to make something bright.”

Kristina: “That’s cool, we’re looking forward to it. So, now a little more about you guys personally, how did Sangary Brothers begin?

Simon: “It all started in the womb, just kidding. Well, technically..”

Samuel: “You’re not kidding. Haha”

Simon: “I mean, we’ve been playing music all of our lives, but we never started writing songs until we were about 16 and Samuel actually has the story on that.”

Samuel: “Where it all started was when we wrote our first song, which was when we were around 16 years old. We didn’t just do it on our own; out of our own will sort of thing. We were just fooling around, just being teenagers, not really focused on our music. Even though we were playing a lot we just never thought about becoming our own artist. Our dad, he saw the potential in us, our mom also, they were kind of pushing us to take that step. We wanted to we just didn’t know how. Our dad, at the time, was giving us haircuts and one day our hair was really outgrown. We went up to him like ‘Hey, can we get haircuts?’ and he said ‘Write me a song and I’ll give you a haircut.’ Here I was thinking how am I going to write a song, I’ve never done it before.

One day we were sitting at the dinner table and my mom yelled out to my dad saying ‘I need your help!’ Then my dad goes ‘there you go, that’s a great idea for a song!’ He started singing ‘I need your help,’ and it’s really bad. I told him, please, just stop singing and we’ll write the song. He stopped and I went into my room not really knowing where to start, but I had that idea, that one line. Since I didn’t know how to start I just got down on my knees and asked God to lead me; just help me write this song.

At this point, I didn’t want to just be doing it for the haircut. Even though that was the motivation, the push, I now wanted it to be something real. After I got done praying, I stood up and opened my notebook and had this thought to write about what I was doing in that moment. So the song literally starts out with:

“Sitting in my room. I think of what I need to do to get close to you.”

The chorus goes on to say

“I need your help.”

The whole song is a cry for help to God; when you’re in your time of despair. At the very end, it’s that affirmation that you recieve when God allows you to know that everything is going to be alright.”

Kristina: “So, what direction are you trying to take this now?”

Simon: “With our music, the goal is to be able to reach out to as many people as possible. Really, go around the world and share this message of hope and faith. We really want to be able to make a difference with our music.”

Samuel: “Really helping people and making an impact on this generation.”

Simon: “Just to love everyone. That’s what we want to be able to spread.”

Samuel: “The love of Christ.”

Kristina: “That’s really cool. So what does your agenda look like? Any performances coming up?”

Simon: “Yeah, we’re actually going to be playing the YouthFair on March 25th. Also, April 9th. We’ll be playing two dates. It’s going to be cool.”

Kristina: “How has it been doing business with your twin brother?”

Simon: “It’s been cool. I mean, we’re brothers.”

Samuel: “Sometimes we clash, but I think that’s normal.”

Simon: “Ultimately there’s love. We love each other. We work well with each other. I wouldn’t work with anybody else.”

Samuel: “Yeah, me neither because there’s a connection especially because we’re twins. Have you ever heard of twin telepathy? It’s real.”

Kristina: “Who writes your songs?”

Simon: “We write our songs together or sometimes separately. We always come back to each other.”

Samuel: “We’ll critique each other and help each other make the final product. Before either of us go into the songwriting process, just like I did with the first song, we always ask God to lead us and really flow through us so that it can be words that truly touch someone’s heart and touch Him as well.”

Simon: “Yeah, we were definitely blessed to be able to have these songs. We really thank God for them. We don’t think we could’ve written them on our own. Definitely not.”

Kristina: “Speaking of your songs, out of the ones that you guys have created, which one’s your favorite?”

Simon: “All of these new songs we’re writing, I think, are really cool so it feels weird to say which one’s my favorite.”

Samuel: “Out of the ones that are out, I would say I Will Rise is my favorite.”

Simon: “We have a song called Misconceptions that I really like a lot. It’s just really fun. The message [of the song], as well, is really cool.”

“Hey Crowned Beauties! We want to thank you guys for watching this video we just want to leave you off with an encouraging word! 

We are all born with purpose. We believe that everyone here is made to live and do something great in this life. It’s not a coincidince that we’re here. We want to encourage you to have faith and keep moving forward; trusting God. Live this life right.”

Ladies! You should totally go check out their music! It’s got great, chilling out/driving with the windows down vibes! What’s even better is it’s about Jesus! Enjoy!

Here’s where to find it:


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