As Missions Month at Crowned With Love comes to close, we are feeling so inspired by the men and women who are finding unique ways to help those in need. These two companies below have found ways to use fashion to make a difference across the world. Clothe the Nations, founded by Ted and Ally Hotchkiss uses stylish T-shirt designs for women to feed a child in need. Nica Bags, founded by Damian Martinez helps rescue orphans by teaching them business skills and helping develop those skills to break the chains of poverty. They sell high-quality bags hand-made in Nicaragua.  Keep on reading to learn more about these companies and how to get involved!

Clothe the Nations:

Ally and Ted Hotchkiss-FoundersOur dream behind Clothe the Nations and each of our designs is that our clothing would inspire and fill up the women who put on the shirts each day. We want our customers to know that they are beautiful, loved, enough, and worthy. Our hope is that each woman feels good about herself wearing the shirts and in turn, would go out into the world and serve others wherever God has put her.

In addition to wanting to encourage the women in our tribe who purchase the shirts, we also support different organizations & causes that meet needs in one of our three focus groups: physical essential needs, psychological/spiritual/internal needs, and physical protection. Currently, we are working to provide food to starving children and their families. Each purchase helps feed a child for 15 days.

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Nica Bags:

DamianMy name is Damian Martinez and I’m the founder of “Nica Bags”.  At the beginning of January 2016, a few of my friends and I had the opportunity to go visit a non-profit organization that rescues orphans from the garbage dumps of Nicaragua, the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. These former-orphans were not only rescued but were loved on and trained in skills that would help them break the poverty cycle that so many people in Nicaragua are in. We connected very deeply with the children and adults at the orphanage and put our minds together to see what we could do to help them out. We discovered that they created high-quality, fashionably handmade backpacks and we knew what could be done. So we partnered up with them to create a new brand in the USA called “Nica Bags.” Our goal is to go global with this company to help these people expand their businesses. Each sale helps them do just that and supports their college education on a monthly basis. We’re providing former orphans with a new perspective of life. “Nica Bags” has a huge social cause and we’re on a mission to see people break poverty.

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