“Don’t let what you don’t have rob you of what you do have.”

I found this quote, at home, written by my sister; something she’d studied that morning with her youth group.

I couldn’t help but think about what it was unfolding.

This quote, simple as it may be, opens our eyes to what expectations can do to our minds and lives.

Today, we’re constantly living life with ALL of the expectations shoved in our faces. It’s so easy for us today to pick up our phones and find out what the world is expecting from us, mostly due to the use of social media.

While social media has it’s perks, it has also allowed us easy access to a life of comparison.

Let us not be caught in this trap! I know I’m guilty of this myself and it’s a difficult road to walk down. Comparison is the theif of joy, I don’t know about you, but there have definitely been times I feel down after jumping off of Instagram.

Here’s why:  

The comparison trap is so real. I’ve been finding myself constantly comparing myself to others and I CAN’T TAKE IT. ⁣But I try to remember the advice that RJ, my husband, gave to me when I had a caddy response to a younger friend graduating with their bachelor’s degree and I still have two years to go…

I’m reminded that everyone is on their own life journey and not everyone is in the same spot in life at the same time.. wow, a life-changing concept, I know.. but sometimes I lose sight of that simple fact so easily. You’ve probably dealt with this, especially if you’re on any one of the numerous social media platforms that exist. ⁣

So when I get down on myself I go through a list of life events that have happened and that I am grateful for. A quick mindset shift can change the trajectory of my entire day.

It’s great to set goals for yourself, but remember that it’s okay if where you are today doesn’t exactly look like what you had planned! God’s plan is always greater and most of the time it doesn’t look like what we’ve planned out for ourselves! Trust in Him to move in the now and focus on what your reality is, thank Him for all the blessings He’s given to you!