Hello Crowned Beauties,

Fall is officially upon us, which means two things: Sweaters and Homecoming. In this particular post, we’ll be focusing on homecoming (sorry to disappoint, but we’ll get around to the sweaters soon enough).

As homecoming season rolls into action, a lot of things take place. We focus on if we’re going to get asked to the dance, what to wear, how we’re going to look, and sometimes if we’re going to be on the homecoming court. These things all add a lot of social pressure and sometimes anxiety which leads to us lacking in self-worth. We want to make sure we’re beautiful, but we look at someone else and think “I can’t compare to that” or we don’t get asked out and we think “I must not be fun enough.” However, those are such preposterous lies. There’s nothing more to it than that. They’re just lies. Lies that everyone tells themselves on a daily basis. It’s easy enough to encourage other people, yet we lack so much self-worth and confidence when counseling ourselves. Why do we think others are perfect and worthy, and disregard our own worth?

I want to simply remind you of one of the most important things you can ever keep with you.

Galatians 3:26(ESV) 

for in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith.”

YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD! My goodness, if there was one thing I could make sure you knew, it would be that you are a child of the living God, who loves you more than anyone can fathom. Dressing up shouldn’t be stressful and self-degrading. You should dress up because you want to. Because it’s fun and makes you happy. And you deserve to feel happy in your own skin, without being compared to anyone else. And not getting asked to the dance shouldn’t be humiliating, it shouldn’t even sit on your mind, it’s not important. You don’t need a date, and you don’t need to stress about what you’re wearing. Because you are a precious, beautiful, worthy daughter of the one who makes all good things, and gives you air to breathe. Now, I know this world is the farthest thing from perfect and there are people that will put you down and judge you. But guess what, no matter anyone’s comments, judgments, hatefulness, or comparisons, you are STILL a daughter of God. You are still beautiful inside and out. You are still a masterpiece. And Jesus still thinks you are worthy to die for. That’s something the world’s hatefulness will NEVER be able to change.

Now, that should put a skip in your step if anything does. I myself struggle daily with putting myself down or not thinking I’m worthy, like many of us do, so I started repeating “I am a daughter of the king” to myself because it is the most beautifully encouraging thing I could hold in my heart.

This week’s challenge is to write “I am a daughter of the King. I am Chosen. I am worthy. I am FOREVER LOVED” on a piece of paper, post-it, your mirror in lipstick, whatever. We encourage you to share this message with at least one friend and remind them that they are loved.

If you decide to take part in our challenge make sure to take a picture and tag us @cwlblog and use #cwldevochallenge for a chance to be featured!

A message from the Crowned Crew:

We encourage you to please reach out to the crew here at CWL if you have any prayer requests, struggles, or just want to talk to someone. This blog is for you guys to grow in Christ, feel loved, and rock your own uniquely beautiful styles. Each one of us here at Crowned With Love only wants to uplift and encourage you through your daily lives. 

You are a strong beautiful woman in Christ.