Happy Holiday season Crowned Beauties. As promised here are some tips and essentials for our Super Cute Christmas Sleepover!!

First things first, every great bedtime bash requires a bit of planning, so we’ve created a checklist to make sure you have everything to make the night full of little to no sleep.


  • Christmas Lights
  • Your most festive pajamas
  • Santa Hats (because the less we have to worry about our hair, the better.)
  • Candy Canes
  • Hot Chocolate with…
    • marshmallows &
    • whipped cream
  • Peppermint EVERYTHING
  • A Christmas tree
  • A warm fire
    • Or some fairy lights wrapped around a few logs!
  • Tinsel
  • Highlight to make your cheeks look like tinsel
  • Every snowglobe you collected as a kid
  • Cozy blankets
  • Festive pillows
  • A killer holiday playlist
  • Great friends to share in on the fun

And most importantly

  • Your Christmas cheer!

Here are a few fun Christmas themed activities that will make any Grinch’s heart grow three sizes!

  • Gingerbread house decorating contest!
    • We know that some gingerbread house kits can get a little pricey, but try supplying your guests with graham crackers to build their cozy candy cottages with.
  • Christmas charades
    • It may seem corny, but you haven’t REALLY laughed until you’ve seen a friend try to act out a Christmas tree!
  • Read “The Night Before Christmas”
  • Strut your stuff in a Christmas PJs fashion show
  • White elephant gift exchange
    • For this activity, make sure to set a budget and a guideline for your guests. If you’re not into the silly gift exchange idea try more of a Secret Santa approach!
      • For Secret Santa, you will also want to set a budget. Have your guests RSVP in advance, write all of their names down and throw them in a hat, pick two names at a time that way you know which two people will be assigned to each other. Let everyone know who their Secret Santa is and make sure to have them keep it under “wraps.”
  • Pin the nose on Rudolph
  • Bake some COOKIES!
    • Chocolate chip cookies
    • Sugar cookies
    • Gingerbread cookies
  • Watch your favorite Christmas movies

Here are some of our favorites!

    • Kristina – The Star 
    • Maggie – A Christmas Story
    • Hailee – ELF

We hope your Christmas is merry and bright!

If you decide to host your very own Christmas Sleepover, let us know! We’d love to see all the photos of your fun festivities!

Love, The Crowned Crew