This summer, beat the heat with these fun and easy pool-proof hairstyles!

The Braided Bun:

Step 1: Comb through hair until there are no tangles.

Step 2: Part hair to the side of your choice, with a clean part.

Step 3: Split your hair in two and create two regular three-strand braids toward the back of your head and secure with a small elastic.

Step 4: Take one braid at a time and lay them flat on the back of your head and start to pin them in place as you lay a part of the braid flat. I recommend started at the lowest point of your head and alternating braids as you lay them flat across.

Step 5: Wrap them around in an oval shape until you get the desired look!

Step 6: Hairspray your hair really well and go for a dip!

Milkmaid Braids:

Step 1: Comb through hair and part it down the middle.

Step 2: Create two, really tight, three-strand braids at the back of your head and secure with a small elastic.

Step 3: Take the first braid and cross it on top of your hair and secure it tightly with bobby pins.

Step 4: Take the second braid and cross it over your head making sure to go on top of the end of the first braid.

Step 5: To hide the elastic of the second braid, while crossing the braid tuck the end of the last braid underneath the first braid and secure in place.

Step 6: Apply a nice layer of hairspray.

The Messy Bun:

Step 1: Tie your hair in a really tight high ponytail.

Step 2: Hold a ponytail straight up above your head and apply a light layer of hairspray.

Step 3: Backcomb the ponytail for some added volume.

Step 4: Messily wrap the ponytail around the base.

Step 5: Secure the messy bun with another hair tie.

Step 6: Pin any loose ends in place.

If you decide to try these pool-proof hairstyles out, let us know! Tag us @cwlblog and use #cwlstyle to show us your pool-proof hairstyle! We can’t wait to see your photos!