It’s the last stretch of the semester and summer is slowly making its way to us. So, I decided to speed up the process and bring you a fun summer beauty tutorial.

I’ve loved Flash Tattoos since they came onto the scene a few years ago, but now I’m obsessed with the latest trend! Flash Tattoos on your part!

I attended an exclusive GUESS event with Olivia from OMG Artistry (@omgartistry) where she put a flash tattoo in my hair and I was hooked! I love this trend and I think it’s a super-easy way to add a little bling to any outfit! Try this look when heading to the beach or a fun dinner or coffee date with your bestie! Here I’ll show you how to achieve this super chic summer trend!

Step 1:

Start off with your festival-inspired hair and makeup and some flash tattoos!

Step 2:

Choose the flash tattoo you would like to use and cut it to the length of your part! We found that the tattoos with more negative space did not work as well or look as nice as the ones with less negative space.

Step 3:

Peel the plastic off of your flash tattoo.

Step 3:

Wet a paper towel or washcloth and pat the flash tattoo until all of the paper is wet and you can see the tattoo begin to loosen up.

Step 4:

Slowly peel the paper away from your flash tattoo and voila, you’re finished! If your tattoo doesn’t come up at first, wet it a little more and try again.

Now your look is complete and you are ready for some Summer fun!

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