What’s better than acai bowls, matcha lattes, good talks, prayer, a little shopping, and milk tea with a teddy bear on top!?
I honestly couldn’t be more blessed by the people God has placed in my life. Yesterday, my (not-so-baby) sister read this to me and I wanted to share. I know there is someone out there who needs to hear this today, yesterday it was me.

We were meant for community, not a life lived in solitude, ESPECIALLY US LADIES!! I know I need my girls to lean on, and I’m happy to be that for them when they need me (even if we can’t be there physically because of lady Corona)

Glennon Doyle Melton said, “Sister each other, because sistering is the best part of life.”

“Carpenters know that the building block of a structure is the joist.
A joist is a special, strong beam that supports a greater structure.
Sometimes a joist has to carry such a heavy load that it starts to weaken.
When that happens, the carpenter connects another board to the left of the weakening board.
If that doesn’t strengthen it enough, she connects another board to the right, and, with that extra support, the joist is strong enough to carry almost anything.
Guess what this process of joist strengthening is called?  SISTERING!
You can’t build a strong, beautiful, complicated structure – whether it’s a building or a life – without SISTERING.
Women are special, strong people who hold up the world but sometimes life’s load gets too hard and heavy for them to carry alone.
I think the hard is purposeful: so that we’ll need our sisters.
If everything feels too heavy right now, it might mean that you need a sister to your left and a sister to your right to help steady you and strengthen you and hold you together.
It might be time for a sister joist.
My life is just a dance between being sistered and sistering others.
And my favorite thing about being part of a sister joist is that you don’t have to say the right thing, you just have to stand there and be strong.
SISTERING: it’s the best part of life because when I’m weak, then I’m strong.
Find your sister joists.
Be a sister joist.”