Hey, lovely! So today is another amazing day: it’s International Ice Cream Day! If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m all about healthy plant-based eating. The recipe that I’m sharing with you guys today is one that I use all the time because it’s one of my faves! You can eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, anything! So let me quit rambling and show you the magic!

Here is what you’ll need to get started:

  • 4 frozen ripe bananas
  • peanut butter (I used powdered peanut butter as it blends better)
  • cacao or cocoa powder
  • toppings of choice (fruit, coconut shavings, chia seeds, cacao nibs, *heart eyes emoji at all these superfoods*)

Step 1:

Alright so after having your frozen bananas thaw out for about 5 minutes (you still want them to be pretty frozen because the ice cream should be a somewhat thick consistency), set aside 2 bananas and chop those up into coins. After doing so, toss those into the blender (a Vitamix, Nutribullet, or food processor works best) along with the powdered peanut butter and about a teaspoon or two of water and blend away. Next, you want to take the ice cream out of the blender and set it aside in a bowl. I recommend placing the bowl of ice cream in the freezer for the time being while you make the other half of the recipe.


Step 2:

Take the remaining frozen bananas and chop those into coins as well. (You don’t really have to do this but its a lot better for your blender if you do). Toss them into the blender, add your cacao powder and blend away. For both of these steps, you want to make sure that the ice cream is completely blended. The last thing you want is chunks of frozen banana in your bowl of yummy ice cream. After this healthy ice cream alternative is nice and blended perfectly, put it in a bowl as you did with the last one.

Step 3:

Take both bowls of ice cream and scoop some of each into one separate bowl. Swirl them together to get a beautiful masterpiece of your healthy, guilt-free ice cream!

Step 4:

Finally, add toppings to make it more fun! You can either add them in a decorative fashion or just toss them in! Whatever floats your boat! 😉 I added all the toppings that I listed above. Next, grab a friend and share! Or make some for both of you. Whatever works best! Most importantly: ENJOY!!!!

After finishing all these steps, I snapped a few pics for Instagram because I can’t have a jewel of a bowl of banana ice cream without doing so first! Then, I split the bowl and leftovers with Hailee, Crowned With Love’s gorgeous Founder, and we ate our breakfast and talked about life. There is something about eating healthy food and sharing it with your friends and talking about life that is just so inspiring to me!

What do you find inspiring? If you tried this recipe, how did you like it? Let me know in the comments below! Enjoy your day Crowned Beauty.

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