Crowned Crew Announcement

This past month has been pretty stressful with trying to juggle work, school, and my social life (I’m sure you’ve been in a similar situation at some point in time). I felt like I was in a rut and from that, I haven’t really felt inspired. A lack of motivation crept in and I couldn’t seem to get my thoughts together.

I’ve now realized that the same situation is what Crowned With Love came from; praying for something more, taking the initiative when God gave the “okay”, and going for it!

Here is me going for it; trying something new!

I want you guys to know those who are a part of the Crowned Crew. Sure, we wrote short bios for our profiles to describe ourselves to you and you’re able to see us in photos, but pictures don’t tell you what a person is going through, it only gives what that person wants to share. We love sharing our outfits and fun photo shoots with you, but I want you to really be able to get to know us, and from now on I want to keep it personal. We’re still going to give you trend reports, and pretty things to wear, but there will definitely be more about us here!

That Being Said…

Where am I right now?

Right now I’m enrolled at my local college and I’m almost finished with my Associates in Business. I’m currently looking into internships in NYC, which is exciting, but somewhat of a daunting task. The internship I’m really interested in requires you to be able to receive credits. That’s great, right? Sure! But, since I should be finishing up school around springtime, I’ll need to be enrolled somewhere else before I can even think about the internship. Why can’t you stay where you are, you might be asking. The college I’m at right now doesn’t offer a program for the major I want to pursue. Also, I’d love to go out of state; having new experiences, and meeting new people!

I’ve been trying to figure that situation out, all the while trying to finish the classes I have where I am now. Yikes! I’ll definitely keep you posted as to how things turn out!

Now that you know a little more about me, I’m going to share my outfit from today!

In this outfit, I dreamed of cute cafés in London, reading my heart out, and a fall breeze with a light sprinkle of rain.

Where I’m from, we don’t really have a fall season. So, I decided to pretend!

Here I paired a chunky, sleeveless turtleneck with my tweed trousers. I decided to give this look a more polished feel by adding a thin belt around my waist and a pair of dark chocolate loafers.

These loafers are one of my favorite pairs of shoes! I just love the tassel details!

I kept my outfit simple by throwing on a tiny watch (shout out to my grandma for this little cutie), some thin bracelets, and a few rings.

Obviously, I couldn’t leave the house without a pair of trusty sunnies!