The runways are bringing back 70’s trends that are “outta sight!”

Think bell-bottoms, fringe (on anything and everything), and headpieces paired with a whole lot of jewelry. There are so many ways to wear 70’s trends. If you’re daring enough to wear all of them at once: fringe vests, bell-bottoms, and jewelry go for it! If you’d like to stick with a more subtle route, go for 70’s inspired accessories: large cuffs, statement necklaces, and headpieces! We’ll show you how to keep it fresh for spring and incorporate these trends into your everyday looks!

Statement jewelry is really easy once you get the hang of it! If you’re a bit hesitant to put several large pieces together, stick with one statement, and keep everything else simple. Example: a large cuff with a few dainty bracelets and an understated necklace (left).

Nail wraps are all over the internet! For those of you who enjoy doing your nails, but feel like you never have time, nail wraps have come to the rescue! 

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