Summer is in full swing, but sometimes the middle of summer brings a little slump and you end up feeling a little bored of the day-to-day, so I wrote up a list of 50 ideas for you to add to your summer bucket list this year!

  1. Thrifting
  2. Tie dye
  3. Beach/lake day
  4. Fruit picking
  5. Paint records
  6. Cute coffee shop hunting
  7. Donuts & Sunrise
  8. Water sports
  9. Dance in the rain
  10. Aesthetic Picnic
  11. Hike or nature walk
  12. Family game night
  13. Nacho night
  14. Visit Niagara Falls
  15. Movie marathon
  16. Fire & s’mores
  17. Ice cream date
  18. Mini golf
  19. Visit a local mom & pop diner
  20. Karaoke
  21. Photoshoot with friends
  22. Summer scrapbook
  23. Roadtrip
  24. Painting day
  25. Make a summer playlist
  26. Book a staycation
  27. Bake an aesthetic Pinterest cake
  28. Outdoor movie
  29. Camping/glamping
  30. Chick flick movie night with your girlfriends
  31. Pool day
  32. Potluck with friends
  33. Brunch
  34. Take yourself on a date
  35. Bike ride
  36. Stargazing
  37. Breakfast for dinner
  38. Get takeout and watch the sunset
  39. Pull an all-nighter
  40. Visit a farmer’s market
  41. Do a closet cleanout
  42. Decorate/ deep clean your car
  43. Spa day
  44. See your favorite artist in concert
  45. Take TONS of polaroids
  46. Try trending Starbucks drinks
  47. Have a summer glo-up day (get your nails done, get your hair done, you do you boo boo!)
  48. Do some funky nail art
  49. Play paint twister
  50. Try a Chopped Challenge

I hope this list helps get you through your summer slump! Let me know if there is anything I missed, I’d love to know what’s on your summer bucket list!